The biggest erp software companies vendors

Which is the biggest erp software companies vendor that leading in the category? As there is more business than looking solution for standardizing their crucial business process to improve their ROI and efficiency, the enterprise resource planning systems becomes a number 1 leading solution to companies from all sizes. Aside from the knowledge of ERP software system itself, it also important for knowing the companies behind them so it can be a consideration before you choose the ERP software for your business.

The top 5 biggest erp software companies

There are plenty of companies that offer their ERP software solution in the wide range of the system, features offered and also focused with industry packaged.


NetSuite is one of the pioneer companies in cloud computing. The company is providing the ERP system solutions and the cloud-based financial system for the business in every level across more than 100 countries available. This is best solution erp software for fast-growing business, large business, and midsize companies.


Syspro is a company that develops the business integration software and it most notably with it’s ERP solution with the same title. The ERP’s product is the solution for industry built design, especially for manufacturing and distribution. The ERP system software is available with cloud-based and on-premise, which featured with rich modules set for help streamline the operations business. The ERP system software eliminated the repetitive tasks and manual entry.


A score is ERP companies that develop their ERP system with Score. This is comprehensive work management and business software that created from a combination of various business operations include sales, billing, project and team management, and others. This is ERP system software that developed for small to medium-sized business and especially in sectors such as consulting, advertising, information technology, and others that provide a solution for eliminating the need for switching between the systems to create more streamlined business operation. The main features include advanced reporting, customer relationship management (CRM), and collaboration.

Sage Intact

Sage Intact is known as ERP system that specializes in financial management. The product primary provides features include accounting, cash management, project accounting, vendor management, and financial reports etc.


Brightpearl is the company that privately owned and funded by Notion Capital and Eden Ventures. The company has becomes a leading company that specialized in providing ERP solution in Omnichannel retail management. The software also handles the shipments, cash flow, insight for the channel, SKU, and the customer levels. It also integrated tightly with various e-commerce sites and online marketplace.

Choose your ERP system software vendors

The implementation of ERP system software solutions shows it increases 33$ inventory returns improvements, 17% internal schedule for more compliance and 18% faster times of cycle, reduces the administrative cost up to 13% and operational cost up to 14% depend to report from Aberdeen Group. Choose the right vendor that knows your business. choose the partner of your ERP system vendor that already has depth-in knowledge of your industry that will help you to obtain more deployment rapidly, get more effective cost and more efficient with the need of ERP system solution.

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