The Best ERP Software for Small Business

Best erp software for small business will be necessary for making sure that every aspect in the business can be managed properly. There are many options available but we can make sure finding the best one might be challenging unless people consider the list below.

Oracle NetSuite OneWorld
The first option which can be chosen is Oracle NetSuite OneWorld. It is better to know the pros and cons which can be offered by this software after all. The good things from this product are that it comes with solid features and has simple reporting. It also has the broad features of enterprise resource planning which can be used to various types of businesses. The capabilities of drill down are excellent from various system views. The workflows can be made into the customized process. The navigation can be done easily with the dashboard which is arranged based on hierarchy. However, the help system can be confusing. When people want to configure the system for a specific function, it might be difficult as well. Although it is broad, the feature set is complex.

The next software to consider is Acumatica. It comes with some great aspects including the deployment which can be done on the cloud or on premises. The costing methods are available in various options. It can work well on various databases. The reporting is solid with the easy navigation system. The growing companies will love this software because the pricing is non-user based. It can be used easily on the mobile device as well since it comes with an app which is based on the browser. Unfortunately, people might find it difficult when they want to estimate the licensing costs. The customization might be needed for the standard filters of the report. The pricing structure is pretty unusual as well. If the software is implemented for the companies which are not the distribution or manufacturing vertical, they will rely on the add-ons provided by the third party.

The next best erp software for small business is Syspro. This is the software which people are looking for when they are running the warehousing, distribution, production, and retail businesses. This software uses the engine of Demanding/Forecasting and Point of Sale which is owned by Syspro. It can be used very easily but it is comprehensive at the same time. A lot of modules are available with this software. The drawbacks which can be found from this software are that it does not come with the HR or payroll modules. It is possible that it may look overwhelming when it is used by some businesses with a smaller scale.

Last but not least, there is AccountMate which comes with great drill down for transaction. The capability for audit trail report is powerful. There is also help support and training which is offered extensively online. The transaction from the MS Excel spreadsheet can be cut and paste. However, it is lack of navigation of process flowchart, HR, or POS modules. The charting and graphics are limited as well. They will not find the true dashboards from this best erp software for small business.

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