ERP Software for Business

what is erp in business? This is a question which might be asked by the small business owners because they consider using it for supporting their business. It is better to have a proper understanding of this system so people can use it properly for improving their business management.

There might be so many benefits which can be offered by the ERP software for the business. However, people must know this software first. It is actually the information system which is used for managing all business aspects by integrating it. The business aspects which can be managed using this software include the customer’s service, planning, production, manufacturing, purchasing, distribution, sales, as well as accounting. For the small businesses, there are various reasons why the ERP software must be used. The primary reason is usually for improvement across departments communication and for optimizing the process in the business.

ERP Types
After understanding about what is erp in business, the next thing which people should do is to identify the types of ERP software which can be suitable the most for the small business. There are some types of software which can be chosen. The first one is the industry-specific one which is made for the specific industry such as automotive or retail. It is used mostly by the large businesses for responding to the requirements which are more complex. There is also the web-based software which can also be considered as the cloud-based ERP software. It is hosted by the open source or vendor which allows the business to access the software remotely. It is not as complex as the first one especially for the setup and the installation. That is why it is a great choice for small businesses. The last type is the small business one which is made for helping the small business with the HR and order management. The ERP functions are limited so it can be the most affordable options of ERP solution.

Licensing Models
Every business has specific needs and future goals. That is why they need to find the best option of ERP software by considering the licensing model available. They can consider the open source ERP small business which comes with the available source code. There is also free proprietary ERP small business which comes with the limitation of the fully functional proprietary one. Last but not least, there is a proprietary ERP small business which is the full paid version.

Essential Features
There are various features which will be offered by the ERP software which can be considered by the small business. Nevertheless, they need to find the ERP which comes with the essential features for making sure that it can really provide the best support for managing the business. The important features which must be found include the accounting, HR, business intelligence, management of inventory, CRM, manufacturing, management of the supply chain, integration, as well as analytics and reporting. Those features should be useful for helping people understand more about what is erp in business.

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