Choosing Best ERP Software for SMEs

The ERP Software will integrate apps across all aspects or departments in one powerful platform. It can combine the sales, supply chains, invoicing, development, inventory control, and customer relationship management in a single database and app. Although, it usually the big name vendor which target the big organizations, there are some great solutions for small business to mid-size business. It is range from the cloud-based to on-premise as well. All option just up to you and choose the best ERP software for sme.

Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct provides you with cloud-based ERP to automate the accountant process. It includes the main financials and also allows the users can add the apps and modules as well. It also allows the integration of third-party like SAP Concur, Salesforce and so on. This software covers a series of feature to meet with all financial operations such as the account payables and receivables, cash and order management. It was designed to give accurate financial management in the lower cost as well as improving the productivity and security.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP

This software is very suitable for mid-size business, however, it can improve to the larger scale business. This software including five main products for business to choose, such as Dynamics SL, Dynamics AX, Dynamics C5, and Dynamics NAV. Microsoft Dynamics AX was designed to support the organization or business that expanding their business in wider locations or even countries. While NAC will help organization streamlining the specific industry and process. You can choose based on your preference and what kind of business that you had.

NetSuite ERP

More than 30,000 organizations using NetSuite ERO and this company will offer you with some business tools which all of them were integrated with this software. The product of a cloud computing company will combine various business functions in one integrated system which automates the process. It including optimizing accounting efficiency, IT cost, streamlining order reporting and improving staff productivity. It was designed to track the business growth quickly and easier, along with the support for more than 190 currencies, tax compliance more than 100 countries and 20 languages.


Epicor will help SMEs to manage and simplify their business processes by tied them up in one database. The modular solution allows business to choose and pick functionality as they develop. It connects the users with the customer and their suppliers in one place so that they are able to exchange the data to streamline the communication and automize the routine process. The customers can choose to connect the software on-demand.

Exact ERP

This software provides you with the three solutions, such as ERP for Wholesale Distribution, Exact for Project Management and Exact for Manufacturing. Each of them offers the users with the control of budgets and projects, international support and extensive reporting options. It is fully integrated with other Exact products. This software can be used throughout the personal cloud or on-demand through out Exact’s mobile app that gives complete insight into all your business process. Choose your best ERP software for sme.

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