Best ERP Systems for Midsize Companies

For small or medium wholesale business, then selecting the ERP system to run the back office operation can be a daunting task. The ERP system that you choose will go along with your business in the same way or find out in the other years to come that give your business with a big impact on how you run businesses. There are some ERP systems for midsize companies to make out your decision.


This system provides you with Intuit’s ERP for small and midsize business which overcome their basic bookkeeping and accounting apps. This system was targetted for the smaller business with one to the thirty users in some sectors, such as contracting retail, wholesale, manufacturing, and nonprofit sectors. It offers you with the inventory management along with better financial apps, however, it might lack the audit track which been stated as the concern related to this system.


Netsuite is one of the few SaaS ERYO systems which can be recommended. This system offers you with ERP module for the global consolidation, financial, accounting, payroll, inventory control, purchasing, production planning, material resource planning, employee management, and engineering change control. This tool is so versatile that you can choose as your best system.


SysPro is the private firm which headquartered in South Africa – offers you with the integrated supply chain which includes planning, financial, analytic and scheduling. This system is the unique ERP system which focused on small to mid-size company and wholesale distributors. It is highly focused on these spaces so that it was referred as the best ERP systems for midsize companies. Of course, this system cannot compare to bigger players like SysPro, SAP, Oracle, etc. However, when it was decided to focus on one or two things in a great way.

Microsoft Dynamic NAV

This is one of the popular ERP systems for wholesale industries from small to mid-size segment. Microsoft NAV developed throughout the acquisiotions of Microsoft. This is ERP is a global, multi-currency and multi-language ERP system which can be used in the cloud along with supply chain management, accounting, reporting, service, and manufacturing abilities. However, some experts had identified some weakness, such as encumbrance and budgeting although inside the sophisticated financial reporting.


Epicor already existed for more than 40 years. It has more than 20,000 users in more 150 countries – this is focused on the distribution, manufacturing, retail and service areas. Epicor also gets a very high rank of Garnet Magic Quadrant. Just like other ERP systems, it also makes its own move to the SAAS offering, give their users more options in a cloud or on-premise deployment which can decrease the cost for small or medium-size business. Although it offers you with the multi-currency features, major users are domestic.


Sage is also one of best ERP systems for midsize companies which overcome their basic accounting systems and need something a bit stronger. The solution of business management is available in clod and on-premise and including of some apps like HR, CRM, and Payroll apps.

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