5 Top ERP for Small Business

Today’s market offers you with all values of ERP for small organization or operator, especially when you come to the niche segments. While these companies need the same type of resources management which bigger organizations, they also need some adjustments to ensure that their specific needs were met. You can find top ERP for small business with these guides. There is some standout ERP software that offers you with the best class depend on the market sector and size of the organization.


this open source ERP was designed to support small business at the twenty or even fewer employees. This company offers you with the cloud and on-premise operation. The major functional values including inventory management, GAAP accounting, production distribution, sales management, and supplier-chain management. This system receives some manufacture modes range from the process manufacturing, discrete manufacturing and engineer-to-order manufacturing up to the products are made based on the order. This software gets online support for all of the customers during the business hours. ‘

BizAutomation Cloud

This ERP software was designed to support smaller business around 10 or fewer employees. It offers the users with the SaaS, therefore it gives a low price. There are some major functions, such as inventory, GAAP accounting, order management, sales commission, customer relationship management, project management, material purchase planning, and e-commerce. This product was more focused on small distributors or wholesale, retails sales and so on. This software was priced based on the per-user and per- month base.

Blue Cherry

This provider offers you with ERP values for mid-size business which operates in the production and textile design market. This product is the perfect suit to the mid-size apparel companies and range from 50 to employees. Offer the users with the cloud-based and on-premise deployment. There are main functional values, such as product development, design, planning, materials source management, product development, sales processing, workflow management, tailored reporting production management, actual costing, financial management and so on. The data will be represented in graphs, charts or in a summary form that can be sent throughout email, web browser or even text message as well. The price was based on per module along with user license fees.


This software initially designed for pure accounting software, over the time, after been acquired by Oracle then this software had developed as more advanced ERP system. This product will send as the SaaS value and fully capable to manage 50 to 100 employees. The main functionalities, such as GAAP accounting, financial management, supply chain management, integrated analytics, inventory management, billing management, and payment management.


This is the cloud-based inventory platform which specifically designed to make the commercial operation more efficient. All of the inventory management operations, purchasing, critical business apps, and sales could be managed just in one app if you connect it to your sales channels This software also offers you with the B2B e-commerce that allows you to sell the wholesale directly to the retailers. The users will receive the notification and upgrade in real time for better analysis. Are you ready to select top ERP for small business?

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